Selected works

IEC office revamp

Independent, transparent and fair ,is all the values the IEC stand for, this then was also the prerequisite for the new office revamp. The Southern facade was to be public friendly and wide open spaces meant all are welcome. The modernist approach to design and material use ensured a fresh new approach yet a familiar safe ideal.

Schoonraad office towers

Named after its developer and architect, George Schoonraad, this building serves as conceptual model and future design direction of the firm as a whole. Balancing the duality of scales, the design achieves two primary goals- to deliver a prominent image at the urban level while remaining inviting at the local, human scale.

Northern Cape Theather

Conceived as an arts hub in the world famous district of Galashewe, an experimental theater opens to the city outdoors through a public open space anchored with a mixed-use building. Three related projects share an integrated half-block to transform the relationship of cultural facilities and public / private space towards a collective urbanism. These are buildings and spaces that will transform through inhabitation.

Jacobsdal abbatoir

Jacobsdal abattoir renovation is a shared working space renovated from an old plant. With its own courtyard, the building itself endured vicissitudes of history, embodying the enterprising spirit of "starting over the impregnable pass, though it's full of bumps", and embracing the innovative office model with a inclusive posture.