Selected works

Love life clinic and youth center

This project is a brand new design and architectural approach for a modern and more aesthetically appeasing clinic. The main approach is to make a new interpretation of the classic clinic and youth center that might seem too restrictive in approach and design.

The building is located in a small township in Groblershoop so in order to underline a regional brand identity the building was colored in yellow and purple. These colors then, reflective of the brand and identity, Love life it is associated with. The roof slopes in both directions making the shape of the building more precise and simple, underling the basic shape of the building.

Extensive glazing is used on the front facade maintaining an open and active relationship between the street and main common area within the building. In contrast to this sense of transparency, the main double height hall, which sits over the common area, is treated as a strong sculptural element.. At points the cladding reveals small windows which allow light to penetrate from inside the studio space when it is in use.

Sesheng intermediate school

The pedagogical concept of Sesheng intermediate school (Kathu) is the starting point for the development of an intelligent and constructively mature learning module that consists of four classrooms each, two interconnected rooms for full-day care and a working area for teaching and support staff which are arranged in a linear fashion. All rooms have a direct exit to the outside area through the walkways surrounding the rooms which creates an unrestricted use of the entire learning house in compliance with fire protection policy.

Tsantsabane-cdt: Risk Mitigation & Fencing School Projects

A risk assessment and gap analysis were done for Tsantsabane-community development trust to assess the completeness of legacy projects done by SIOC-community development trust. This process was completed by the necessary renovations and additional construction (including fencing) to the following:

1. HTT Bidi Memorial Primary School                                                      

2. Ratang Thuto Secondary School                                                                           

3. Mmarona ECDC                                                                                                                           

4. Kantinka ECDC                                                                                                                             

5. Newtown Primary School                                                                                       

6. Postdene Primary School                                                                        

7. Wouter Kabouter ECDC                                                                           

8. Groenwater Centre for the Blind          

Elizabeth Conradie School

The project brief required the refurbishment of a burnt hostel at the special needs school, Elizabeth Conradie School (Elcon) in Kimberley.

Cluster 1: Various Facilities for Dept. of Education, Northern Cape

The following projects (consisting of various admin blocks, ablution blocks, school hall, etc.) were done with the IDT (Independent Development Trust) for the Department of Education, Northern Cape in the Mothibistad-area, Kuruman:

1.       Ineeleng Primary School

2.       Moholeng Primary School

3.       Makgolokwe Secondary School

4.       Gamohana Intermediate School

5.       KP Toto Secondary School

6.       Tshimologo Intermediate School

7.       Rekgarathile High School

8.       Isagintle Primary School

Segonyana Primary School